Rules of Conduct

  1. Alcohol or illegal drug possession or consumption is prohibited on ACE premises.
  2. Anyone engaging in disruptive behavior may be refused admittance or asked to leave the ACE premises at the discretion of the ACE representative or meeting secretary.
  3. No gambling other than ACE sponsored fund-raising campaigns.
  4. No solicitations for outside organizations not recovery related.
  5. No bicycles or animals (except service animals) allowed in the club.
  6. No sleeping or overnight accommodations on the ACE premises are allowed.
  7. Loud abusive language is discouraged.
  8. Physical fighting, threatening, annoying neighbors, and stealing are good reasons for removal of club privileges.
  9. A member or non-members privilege to enter the club may be suspended by the Board of Directors upon the written complaint of another. Reported offenders will have an opportunity to defend themselves before Board action that may include denial of all ACE privileges for a period of up to three years.

Revision 1, ACE Board approved 8 April 2017