Alano Club of Escondido

The Alano Club “re-opened” on 10/2 with 11 meetings.  Thank you to all the Secretaries and Monitors who attended our workshops on 6/17 and/or 9/19.  These are the people who made it possible.

Please Note:
Covid-19 protocols will be in place.
All meetings have a max capacity of 30 people, first come first served.
The small meeting room is not available.
No food or dogs please.
The Patio is closed. 

730pm Speaker

Noon Open AA
8PM AA Beginners Big Book Study

6PM Closed Women’s NA

6PM Open AA
8pm Beginners Open AA

8pm Open AA Step Study (bring your book)

6PM Open AA

Noon Open AA
6PM Open AA
8PM AA Living Sober

These meetings are confirmed with Secretaries and Monitors,
and the people running these meetings have keys to the club.

Meeting Secretaries please update your contact information on the Contact Us form.

Please help us re-open by renewing your membership.

1690 East Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027